Monitor APIs

AMPLIFY API Management provides several ways to monitor your APIs and environment.

Trace and troubleshoot traffic

Use API Gateway Manager web console to monitor your API Gateway. The different tabs provide real-time information on the distributed topology with a real-time overview of message traffic by domain, group, and API Gateway instance.

The Traffic Monitor enables real-time monitoring of message traffic, enabling easy identification of exceptions, and drilling into policy execution steps and message content to perform root cause analysis.

For more details on API Gateway Manager, see the API Gateway Administrator Guide.

Get predictive insights

Embedded Analytics for API Management provides pre-configured ADI dashboards that provide real-time operational and strategic analytics for AMPLIFY API Management. With Embedded Analytics for API Management, you can investigate both current and past issues, as well as proactively identify abnormal situations before they become critical.

For more details, see Embedded Analytics for AMPLIFY API Management documentation.

Monitor API usage

API administrators and organization administrators can use the Monitoring tab in API Manager to view metrics on all invoked APIs and client applications in the system. Administrators can also optionally use API Gateway Analytics to provide more detailed historical API usage reports. In addition, API consumers can use the Monitoring page in API Portal to view graphical real-time charts on how their applications use APIs exposed in API Portal.

The monitoring data in API Manager, API Gateway Analytics, and API Portal is obtained from the metrics database. You can filter the metrics displayed based on several different criteria.

For more details, see Monitor APIs and applications in API Manager in the API Manager User Guide.

For details of how to set up the metrics database, see Configure the metrics database in the API Gateway Installation Guide.

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