Provide a customized developer portal

You can use API Portal to add a dedicated developer portal to offer your APIs and their associated documentation to both internal and external developer communities. API Portal provides a customizable interface to API Manager, while managing the APIs exposed and the API consumers is retained in API Manager.

Manage API consumers in API Manager

Developers can self-register on the API Portal login page. The API administrator manages the users in API Manager, and can approve or reject new users as they register.

Developers can use API Catalog to browse, consume, build, and test APIs for use in their applications. They can register their applications, as well as obtain credentials, such as API Key or OAuth, for the applications. The API administrator approves or rejects the registered applications. If an approved application needs access to another API, the API administrator manages these requests as well. If needed, the user and application management can be automatically approved or delegated to organization administrators.

For more details, see Administer APIs in API Manager in the API Manager User Guide.

Customize API Portal

The look and feel of the web-based API Portal is fully customizable to match your brand and image. The easiest way to customize API Portal is the Joomla! Admin Interface (JAI). You can modify logos, colors, fonts, and CSS stylesheets. For more extensive modifications, you can also change the page layout or portal structure. The customizations are retained when you upgrade to a new version.

For more details on customizing API Portal, see the API Portal Administrator Guide.

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