Multi-datacenter deployment

You can configure your AMPLIFY API Management to globally span multiple datacenters. By providing a datacenter geographically close to your operations and your customers, you can significantly impact the latency of the traffic.

Diagram illustrating blobally distributed multiple datacenters

In addition, using multiple datacenters helps to ensure constant operation. If one datacenter fails and goes down, traffic can be routed to another, working datacenter.

Diagram illustrating how load balancer can route traffic when one datacenter is down

A single API Gateway group configuration is shared across the datacenters. This means that all API Gateway instances are managed as a single unit, and run the same configuration to virtualize the same APIs and execute the same policies. Data is replicated between all datacenters.

Each datacenter must have at least two API Gateway instances, at least one of which is an Admin Node Manager. However, you can configure mutliple Admin Node Managers per datacenter for high availability.

For more details on multi-datacenter deployment, see Configure API Management in multiple datacenters in the API Gateway Installation Guide.

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