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DevOps (from "software development" and "information technology operations") refers to a set of practices emphasizing the collaboration and communication of both software developers and IT professionals while automating the delivery process and infrastructure changes. DevOps aims at building, testing, and releasing software rapidly, frequently, and reliably.

Team development

In AMPLIFY API Management, API Gateway team development makes it possible for a team of policy developers to work in parallel using a project-based approach to develope APIs, policies, and associated resources, and to deploy them as a single API Gateway configuration using a Source Code Management (SCM) system.

Team development incorporates continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) practices in API Gateway system to use the best practices for development, deployment, and promotion, and to support the increasing use of DevOps tooling.

For more details, see Introduction to API Gateway team development in the API Gateway DevOps Deployment Guide

Deployment and promotion

In a typical AMPLIFY API Management environment topology, the development, staging and production environments are completely separate domains and distinct administrative entities that may even be running on different operating systems. The exact mapping of environments to domains is determined by how each environment is administered, and which users have access rights.

The configured or developed artifacts (such as APIs, policies, and configurations) move from development to production. Deployment refers to deploying a configuration to the local domain. Promotion refers to physically moving a configuration from one environment to another, and configuring environment-specific values so that the configuration can be deployed in each environment.

For more details, see Introduction to API Gateway deployment and promotion in the API Gateway DevOps Deployment Guide

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