Discover API Management in Axway Cloud

Axway offers Axway Cloud as the deployment option AMPLIFY API Management. Axway Cloud is the turnkey solution when time to market is of the essence. Both the cloud infrastructure and AMPLIFY API Management are fully managed by Axway, so the solution is ready to use for you without any management overhead.

Hybrid cloud solution

In addition to the all-cloud deployment for the AMPLIFY API Management, you can also select a hybrid deployment combining on-premise and cloud.

The following diagram shows an example of the hybrid model:

Diagram illustating the division of environments in Axway Cloud deployment

One or more development environments are deployed on-premise, while the test or staging environment and production environment are hosted in a virtual private cloud (VPC) in Axway Cloud. You get a predefined and secured VPC architecture while leveraging your existing infrastructure in the development environment.

The development environment has unlimited term license for AMPLIFY API Management. You can combine the design tools, such as Policy Studio and Configuration Studio, and the AMPLIFY API Management runtime components that Axway provides with your own DevOps tools and continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) chains. Axway provides a secure deployment channel from on-premise development environment to the test or staging environment in the Axway Cloud and further on to the production environment.

The staging and production environments in Axway Cloud are fully managed by Axway and use Axway CI/CD chains. You can access the web UIs of the products in both environments simply using a standard browser. The production environment can be configured for high availability (HA).

Axway also provides additional services, such as building, deploying, and maintaining customizations you need to the system. These customer artifacts may include the following:

  • Policies
  • API Builder APIs
  • API Catalog
  • Client registry
  • API Portal customizations
  • API Gateway Analytics reports
  • Embedded Analytics for API Management dashboards

For more details on products in Axway Cloud, see the following:

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