Configure Axway Sentinel

This section describes how to configure tracked objects in Axway Sentinel.

What is a tracked object

The event message generated by API Gateway is referred to as a tracked-event message. API Gateway generates tracked-event messages that are sent to the Axway Sentinel Server. A tracked object is a model that describes an application event. Every tracked-event message contains a name field that corresponds to the name of the tracked object to be used with that message.

Every tracked object contains a:

  • Unique name
  • Version number
  • List of attributes describing the properties of events. Each attribute has a:
    • name (unique for that object)
    • data type
    • default value

For more information on tracked objects and tracked-event messages, see the Sentinel Configuration Guide.

Create a tracked object in Axway Sentinel

The tracked object definition is created from Axway Composer (using the Axway Sentinel Enabler plug-in) and imported into Axway Sentinel.

For more information on how to define tracked objects, see the Sentinel Configuration Guide.

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