Cycle graphs

Cycle graphs are used to show the relationship between products and give you a view of related events. The events can be sent by any product as long as they are linked together by cycle links. This is a high level view of events that summarizes what happened between different products, with only the main events displayed.

For example, if you have two products (for example, Axway B2Bi and API Gateway) each sending events to the same Sentinel server, each product sends events with different cycle IDs. If these two cycle IDs are linked, you can send a link event to the Axway Sentinel server. This results in the two nodes being linked in Axway Sentinel.

Generate a cycle graph in Axway Sentinel Monitoring

To achieve this in API Gateway, perform the following steps:

  1. Configure the Sentinel server connection in API Gateway. See Configure Axway Sentinel server.
  2. Send events from API Gateway using the Axway Sentinel Event filter. See Send event to Axway Sentinel.
  3. Send cycle link events using the Axway Sentinel Link Event filter. See Send cycle link event to Axway Sentinel.

Result in Axway Sentinel Monitoring

In Axway Sentinel Monitoring this results in a cycle graph (a relationship between cycle IDs) where each of the events from the different products are linked:

Cycle graph in Axway Sentinel Monitoring

For more information on Sentinel cycle graphs, see the Sentinel User Guide.

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