API Management versions 7.5.X and 7.6.X have reached end of support in November 2020.
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API Gateway fixed issues

API Gateway 7.6.2 includes all fixes for 7.5.3 Service Packs up to and including 7.5.3 SP 7. For details of all the Service Pack fixes included in 7.6.2, see the corresponding SP Readme attached to each Service Pack on Axway Support at https://support.axway.com.

Fixed security vulnerabilities

API Gateway 7.6.2 fixed security vulnerabilities

Internal ID Case ID CVE Identifier Description
RDAPI-10496 CVE-2014-3566 Issue: API Gateway included IBM MQ JARs version that are vulnerable to POODLE CVE-2014-3566.
Resolution: API Gateway now includes version of the IBM MQ JARs and is no longer vulnerable.
RDAPI-11728 00928470 CWE-538 Issue: It was possible to view Client Application Registry resource files (e.g. compressed JS files) without being logged in.
Resolution: These files cannot be viewed without being logged in.
RDAPI-12332 CVE-2017-5645 Issue: Security vulnerability CVE-2017-5645 in Apache Log4j 2.8.1.
Resolution: Log4j has been upgraded to 2.8.2 to mitigate the vulnerability.
RDAPI-12779 00963339 CVE-2018-7489 Issue: FasterXML jackson-databind component security vulnerability CVE-2018-7489
Resolution: This component has been updated to v2.9.5 to mitigate the vulnerability.
RDAPI-13175 00972709 CVE-2018-0739 Issue: OpenSSL security vulnerability CVE-2018-0739.
Resolution: OpenSSL has been upgraded to v1.0.2.o to mitigate the vulnerability.
RDAPI-13700 CVE-2018-2938;
Issue: API Gateway used a Java version that contained security vulnerabilities.
Resolution: Java version has been updated to 8u181, which fixes the vulnerabilities.

API Gateway 7.6.1 fixed security vulnerabilities

Internal ID Case ID CVE Identifier Description
RDAPI-11625 00929871 CVE-2017-5645

Issue: Log4j issue with serialized log events.

Resolution: Previously, API Gateway used log4j v1.2 (EOL). Now, API Gateway uses log4j2 v2.8 only.

RDAPI-11687 00930798 CVE-2017-3735;

Issue: OpenSSL 1.0.2k-fips.

Resolution: Previously, API Gateway used OpenSSL 1.0.2k-fips. Now, API Gateway uses OpenSSL v1.0.2m-AXWAY-1.

RDAPI-12174 00943503 CWE-923

Issue: Oracle Critical Patch Update, January 2018.
Resolution: Previously, API Gateway did not include Oracle Critical Patch Update, 16 January 2018. Now, API Gateway includes this update from Oracle.

API Gateway 7.6.0 fixed security vulnerabilities

Internal ID Case ID CVE Identifier Description
RDAPI‑8813 00888175 CVE‑2017‑3241 Issue: Security vulnerability in JRE version.
Resolution: Previously, API Gateway used JRE version that included a security vulnerability. Now, the JRE version has been updated to v8u131 that fixes this vulnerability.
RDAPI‑9120 00895727



Issue: Security vulnerability in JQuery.
Resolution: Previously, API Gateway Manager and API Manager used JQuery 1.1.7 that is susceptible to a security vulnerability. Now, JQuery has been upgraded to JQuery 2.2.4 that is not susceptible to this security vulnerability.
RDAPI-9272 CVE-2017-5645

Issue: Security vulnerability in Apache Log4j.
Resolution: Previously with Apache Log4j 2.8.1, if the TCP or UDP socket server received serialized log events from another application, it was possible to send a specially crafted binary payload that, when deserialized, could execute arbitrary code.

Now, the Log4j dependency in API Gateway has been updated from v2.8.1 to v2.8.2 to fix this vulnerability.

RDAPI-9279 CVE-2016-7051 Issue: Security vulnerability in Jackson XML dataformat component.
Resolution: Previously, the XmlMapper in the Jackson XML dataformat component allowed remote attackers to conduct server-side request forgery (SSRF) attacks using vectors related to a document type definition (DTD). Now, the com.fasterxml.jackson.dataformat has been updated to v2.7.8 to fix this vulnerability.
RDAPI‑11215 00921329




Issue: Security vulnerabilities in the JWT library.
Resolution: Previously, API Gateway used the Nimbus JOSE+JWT library v4.27 that contained security vulnerabilities. Now, the version of the library has been upgraded to v4.41.2 that fixes these vulnerabilities.
RDAPI-11267 CVE-2017-9801

Issue: Security vulnerability in commons-email-1.2.jar.
Resolution: Previously, API Gateway used commons-email-1.2.jar that contains a security vulnerability. When a call-site passed a subject for an email containing line-breaks, the caller could add arbitrary SMTP headers.

Now, API Gateway uses commons-email-1.5.jar instead to fix this issue.

RDAPI-11319 00925133









Issue: Security vulnerabilities in JRE.
Resolution: Previously, API Gateway used JRE version 1.8.0_141-b15 that contained several security vulnerabilities. Now, JRE has been upgraded to v1.8u152 that fixes these vulnerabilities.
RDAPI-11781 CVE-2015-6420 Issue: Security vulnerability in Apache commons-collections.jar.
Resolution: Previously, API Gateway used Apache commons-collections.jar v3.2.1 that has known vulnerabilities. Now, the commons-collections.jar has been updated to v3.2.2 that addresses the known vulnerabilities.

Other fixed issues

API Gateway 7.6.2 other fixed issues

Internal ID Case ID Description
RDAPI-9462 00900505 Issue: Cannot change trace level dynamically using API Gateway Manager if you have multiple HTTP interfaces listening on the same port but with different IP addresses.
Resolution: API Gateway Manager now stores port and IP address to differentiate interfaces listening on the same port.
RDAPI-11038 00915537 Issue: API Gateway Manager shows only the last 50 events by default, and this could not be increased.
Resolution: The default has been increased to 100 events, and you can change that default using the environment settings property env.METRICS.EVENTS.MAX.
RDAPI-11052 00883448 Issue: Directory Scanner exhausting system resources by triggering too many policies at the same time.
Resolution: Directory Scanner settings have been improved to control the maximum of simultaneous workers and the maximum number of files processed on each scan.
RDAPI-11235 00921670 Issue: Missing information on storage and encryption of API Manager user passwords.
Resolution: The Security Guide has been updated to include information on how API Manager user passwords are stored and encrypted.
RDAPI-11657 00948214, 00949201, 00930447 Issue: API Gateway using ModSecurity 2.8.
Resolution: ModSecurity has been upgraded to version 2.9.2.
RDAPI-12211 00941727 Issue: LDAP sample policies in Policy Studio not using SSL only or HTTP only options.
Resolution: The sample policy (Node Manager > Protect Management Interfaces (LDAP) policy > Create Session filter) now uses the 'Session sent over SSL only' and 'HTTP Only cookie' options.
RDAPI-12218 00946105 Issue: Some user actions were being written to the audit log with N/A instead of the user name.
Resolution: The user actions are now displayed in the audit log with the user name that performed the action.
RDAPI-12236 00945954 Issue: Help text for the deploy_fragment script was incomplete.
Resolution: Help text for the deploy_fragment script has been updated to inform the user that an <addOrReplace> tag can be used to overwrite existing configuration.
RDAPI-12242 00928619 Issue: Visual Mapper conversion of XML with an array to a JSON array produced a blank JSON array.
Resolution: Visual Mapper conversion of XML with an array to a JSON array produces a correct JSON array.
RDAPI-12294 00949329 Issue: Incorrect location of venv script in Administrator Guide.
Resolution: The Administrator Guide has been updated with the correct location of the venv script in posix/lib.
RDAPI-12337 00926083 Issue: Trace level logging not appearing for WebSocket server to client communication.
Resolution: Trace level logging now works as expected for Websocket server to client communication.
RDAPI-12343 00929972, 00924335, 00926504 Issue: The documentation on configuring Cassandra HA advised running the setup_apimanager script after the HA steps, which caused synchronization errors.
Resolution: The documentation has been updated to remove this advice.
RDAPI-12351 00949828 Issue: Archiving metrics tables using the dbpurger script sometimes resulted in a concurrency error.
Resolution: The script has been updated and the concurrency error no longer occurs.
RDAPI-12352 00951489 Issue: License generator cannot generate 7.6.x licenses.
Resolution: The license generator has been updated to generate 7.6.x licenses.
RDAPI-12370 00942279 Issue: Some selectors did not work when used in the username and password fields in the Configure Database Connection dialog in Policy Studio.
Resolution: Any valid selector can now be used in this dialog.
RDAPI-12394 00946452 Issue: The first message to be processed by a Data Map takes too long.
Resolution: Removed the URL resolving when initializing a Data Map so that initialization of the Data Map is much quicker.
RDAPI-12408 00951136, 00952492 Issue: API Gateway server crash when an empty transaction stream is viewed from API Gateway Manager.
Resolution: Updated the REST API to return an empty response, and the crash no longer occurs.
RDAPI-12436 00949082 Issue: Not possible to use general selectors when specifying custom attributes to include in the transaction event log.
Resolution: You can now use any selector value when specifying custom attributes to include in the transaction event log.
RDAPI-12452 00930133 Issue: When extracting attributes from a SAML assertion, attributes could be mistakenly read from a second assertion nested underneath the first.
Resolution: Attributes are always read from the correct SAML assertion.
RDAPI-12462 00950159 Issue: Updating KPS records containing encrypted strings longer than 56 characters corrupts the record.
Resolution: Updating KPS records containing encrypted strings longer than 56 characters now works as expected.
RDAPI-12516 00945351 Issue: XACML PEP filter inserts duplicate SOAPAction and Content-Type headers in each XACML request.
Resolution: The filter now inserts only one header of each type.
RDAPI-12520 Issue: Two separate installations of same API Gateway version can create library conflicts and the vshell process could crash.
Resolution: The vshell binary now checks for possible conflicts between its runtime directory and possible extern installation path contained in its own RPATH attribute, and exits with an error if a conflict is detected.
RDAPI-12522 00955307 Issue: Documentation for integrating Oracle (OAM and OES) with API Gateway was not published.
Resolution: This documentation is now published in the Authentication and Authorization Integration Guide.
RDAPI-12538 00950845 Issue: Remote hosts were deleted but not removed from the internal search subnet search tree, which could result in a segmentation fault when redeploying a configuration using Remote Hosts configured to cover subnet.
Resolution: Deleted entries are correctly removed from the internal search tree.
RDAPI-12553 00970764, 00958733, 00955055 Issue: Crash occurring with XML redaction when an XML tag attribute has an empty value.
Resolution: Empty attribute values (either '' or "") are now correctly handled and the crash does not occur.
RDAPI-12577 00948561 Issue: Memory leak in API Gateway native code when running load test.
Resolution: The cause of the memory leak was a temporary buffer that was not released. The temporary buffer is now released and the memory leak does not occur.
RDAPI-12676 00955133 Issue: Message Size filter did not allow selectors to be used for minimum or maximum size, and did not allow you to specify sizes greater than 2 GB.
Resolution: You can now use selectors for minimum or maximum size, and you can specify sizes greater than 2 GB.
RDAPI-12703 00953858 Issue: When API Gateway was shutting down or a new configuration was deployed, a Java exception was sometimes logged from Directory Scanner.
Resolution: This exception no longer occurs when deploying a configuration containing a Directory Scanner.
RDAPI-12761 00894028 Issue: Incorrect timestamps in file names of scheduled reports from API Gateway Analytics.
Resolution: Timestamps in file names are set correctly to the report generation time.
RDAPI-12771 00920016, 00922717 Issue: When setting up API Gateway Analytics with LDAP the browser authentication dialog appears twice.
Resolution: The error that triggered the second authentication dialog is no longer returned and the second dialog does not appear.
RDAPI-12797 00955335 Issue: Documentation did not make it clear that application quotas are not enforced when pass through inbound authentication is used.
Resolution: Documentation has been updated to clarify this.
RDAPI-12800 00960972 Issue: API Manager alert policies cannot be environmentalized in Policy Studio.
Resolution: Alert policies can be environmentalized and Environment Settings includes the environmentalized fields.
RDAPI-12809 00957296 Issue: Cannot enable zero downtime deployment (ZDD) in Policy Studio projects with dependencies.
Resolution: You can now successfully update ZDD settings in projects with dependencies.
RDAPI-12818 00965142 Issue: Documentation did not state that the metrics database must have transaction isolation set to READ COMMITTED.
Resolution: Documentation has been updated to state that this setting is required for all supported third-party databases.
RDAPI-12873 00956525 Issue: Throttling filter sometimes failed to return the HTTP headers showing the remaining limit.
Resolution: The headers showing the remaining limit are always returned if the option to include them is selected.
RDAPI-12877 00967786 Issue: Broken SOAP web service link in documentation.
Resolution: Documentation has been updated to remove the broken link and to advise users to adapt the example.
RDAPI-12905 00968545 Issue: Unnecessary log file velocity.log generated when emails were sent from API Manager.
Resolution: This unnecessary file is no longer generated.
RDAPI-12983 00950692 Issue: Configuration deploy breaks distributed Ehcache operations.
Resolution: A delay is introduced between recreating the Ehcache manager and the caches to resolve this issue. The default value of the delay is 5 seconds, and you can configure it using the system property: distributed.ehcache.cache.reload.pause.secs.
RDAPI-13064 00956041 Issue: Audit log events not logged correctly for some CRUD events (remote host, application, back-end API, front-end API).
Resolution: Audit log events are logged correctly for all CRUD events.
RDAPI-13156 00969873 Issue: Threat protection properties did not allow you to implement OWASP Modsecurity CRS version 3.x rules without using a workaround, as the configuration files needed to be loaded in a specific order.
Resolution: The ModSecurity implementation in API Gateway now loads the files in the order specified by the OWASP documentation.
RDAPI-13216 00964592 Issue: JSON Add Node filter with replace options throwing exception when applied to a document root ($).
Resolution: The specified content is successfully applied to root and the exception does not occur.
RDAPI-13272 00976475 Issue: JWT Verify filter does not support JWK-Sets with multiple certificates.
Resolution: Support has been added to the JWT Verify filter.
RDAPI-13283 00977414, 00972585 Issue: managedomain -v reports errors with patch file jars not found in ext/lib due to extra whitespace in files.
Reolution: managedomain -v is more tolerant of extra spaces in ID files and does not report errors.
RDAPI-13294 00966762 Issue: Cannot change the trace level on Node Manager or API Gateway Analytics configurations using Policy Studio.
Resolution: The trace level can now be modified.
RDAPI-13350 00979267 Issue: API Gateway did not check if the Cassandra keyspaces were already configured before trying to create them.
Resolution: Pre-existing keyspaces are now detected correctly, which allows the use of a non-superuser Cassandra user.
RDAPI-13386 00972252 Issue: WebSocket traffic is not logged to Transaction Access Log even when enabled.
Resolution: WebSocket traffic is correctly logged to the Transaction Access Log, and WebSocket traces are printed at level DEBUG instead of INFO.
RDAPI-13426 00980017 Issue: Open traffic log maximum disk space was limited to 2047 MiB even if a higher value was specified.
Resolution: Maximum disk space is no longer limited and the specified value is used.

API Gateway 7.6.1 other fixed issues

Internal ID Case ID Description
RDAPI-9088 00896467 Issue: Add details on Cassandra debug logging to documentation.
Resolution: Previously, the API Gateway Installation Guide did not include details on how to enable Apache Cassandra debug logging. Now, the Installation Guide is updated to include a new section on Cassandra debug logging.
RDAPI-11071 00909499 Issue: Connect to URL filter returns 500 Internal Server Error instead of 504 Gateway Timeout.
Resolution: Previously, when the Connect to URL filter timed out, it returned an HTTP code 500 General Server Error to the client. Now, it returns a 504 Gateway Timeout error code.
RDAPI-11161 00917233 Issue: Default limits for transaction and trace file size are too low.
Resolution: Previously, the default limits for API Gateway transaction size and trace file size were too low. Now, the default value for maxRequestMemory have increased to 26 MiB, and the default values for maxInputLen and maxOutputLen have increased to 20 MiB.
RDAPI-11522 00923675 Issue: :Policy Studio very slow to load or modify exported policy.
Resolution: Previously, loading a policy containing a large number of filters and multiple paths to several filters might take a long time. Now, you can use a hidden Java property to speed up the policy loading at the cost of a potentially inaccurate list of filter attributes. You can add the -DfastCoverage=true property to the policystudio.ini file to skip revisiting filter success or failure paths.
RDAPI-11705 000929803 Issue: KPS Cassandra consistency level not working correctly in API Gateway Manager.
Resolution: Previously, consistency levels specified in Policy Studio for Apache Cassandra were ignored. Now, consistency levels are considered for rate limiting, KPS, and quota on a per table basis.
RDAPI-11755 00931396 Issue: Attribute highlighting on Policy Studio canvas incorrectly shows kps attributes as missing.
Resolution: Previously, attribute highlighting did not work correctly for ${kps. attributes. Now, attribute highlighting works as expected.
RDAPI-11849 00933271 Issue: API Gateway crash occurs during redaction of XML content.
Resolution: Previously, a crash might occur when executing multiple XML redactions simultaneously. Now, multi-threading operations are fully supported by XML redaction.
RDAPI-11954 00906226 Issue: JSON Path filter out attributes do not refresh when using Show all Attributes.
Resolution: Previously, the JSON path filter's out attributes were not shown when using Show All Attributes. Now, the attributes are shown when Show All Attributes is enabled.
RDAPI-11957 00933410 Issue: Environmentalized fields in Policy Studio not migrated.
Resolution: Previously, you could environmentalize a field with no values in Policy Studio, or set no values for an environmentalized field. Now, you cannot environmentalize a field with no values, or set no values for an environmentalized field (the field's default values are set when available).
RDAPI-11963 00929436 Issue: API Gateway freeze during startup.
Resolution: Previously, during startup, instantiation of several JMS sessions and JMS consumers at the same time could cause deadlock. Now, locks used by JMS sessions have been removed.
RDAPI-12008 00934883 Issue: XML Signature Generation filter not compliant with WS-I Basic Security Profile 1.0.
Resolution: Previously, the X.509 TokenType was not set in the SecurityTokenReference tag. Now, the X.509 TokenType is set if requested.
RDAPI-12029 00910357 Issue: Secure WebSocket communication may freeze when transferring large payload.
Resolution: Previously, API Gateway could stop reading a large payload over WebSockets when SSL security was used. Now, the WebSocket layer no longer directly relies on socket events when receiving payload data.
RDAPI-12031 00940228 Issue: Documentation for all fields in the transaction event logs.
Resolution: Previously, the documentation did not fully describe the fields in transaction event log entries. Now, the documentation describes these fields.
RDAPI-12056 00941806, 00942881 Issue: init.d scripts may not reliably start API Gateway under load.
Resolution: Previously, init.d scripts were exiting without verifying if the API Gateway process was stopped and used ports were free. Now, they wait until the process is killed and ports are free.
RDAPI-12078 00941719 Issue: managedomain command-line help not intuitive for metrics_enabled command
Resolution: Previously, the managedomain command help displayed:
--metrics_enabled=METRICS_ENABLED Controls whether metrics data collection is enabled or not.
Now, the command help is more intuitive:
--metrics_enabled=METRICS_ENABLED Specifies whether writing of metrics data is enabled. Enter y or n.
RDAPI-12211 00941727 Issue: Modification needed in LDAP Sample Policies\Protect Management Interfaces (LDAP).
Resolution: Previously, in Policy Studio under Node Manager > Protect Management Interfaces (LDAP) policy > Create Session filter, the Session sent over SSL only and HTTP Only cookie check boxes were not selected. Now, both of these check boxes are selected.
RDAPI-12225 00942441

Issue: API Management support for Python 2.7.5 with Cassandra on CentOS.
Resolution: Previously, the API Gateway Installation Guide incorrectly stated that Python 2.7.10 was required for Apache Cassandra. Now, this guide has been updated to state that 2.7.x is required (up to 2.7.10 for Cassandra 2.2.5, and up to the latest 2.7 version for Cassandra 2.2.8).

API Gateway 7.6.0 other fixed issues

Internal ID Case ID Description
RDAPI‑5937 00860502 Issue: Base64 encoder script issue and non-standard Java classes.
Resolution: Previously, the Base64 encoder script in Policy Studio made an RFC 1521 or MIME legal result by adding line breaks every 76 characters. This was not compatible with URL encoding, because URL decoder script could not handle the line breaks correctly. In addition, the Base64 encoder and decoder scripts were using non-standard Java classes. Now, the Base64 encoder script does not add the line breaks anymore, and the Base64 encoder and decoder scripts use standard Java classes.
RDAPI-7282 00874107 Issue: HTTP status code missing from access logs.
Resolution: Previously, if you enabled the transaction access logging for a policy where you had set the status code option, the status code was not shown in the access log file. Now, the status code is correctly shown in the access log file.
RDAPI-7620 00881441 Issue: The Analytics Reports API returns stack trace in the response body.
Resolution: Previously, responses to certain bad requests (for example, invalid JSON) contained stack trace information. Now, the stack trace information has been replaced with a more generic response.
RDAPI-8481, RDAPI-9414 00888407 Issue: Policy references incorrect after copying a policy container.
Resolution: Previously in Policy Studio, when you copied a policy container that referenced other policies in the same container, the policy references in the Policy Shortcut and Policy Shortcut Chain filters were not updated to point to the new copy of the container. Instead, the policy references continued to point to the original container.
Now, the original behavior has been restored. When you copy a policy container, the policy references are updated to point to the new container, not the original container.
RDAPI-8507 00895453

Issue: Sysupgrade export and apply commands fail if the Admin Node Manager is not listening on address "*".
Resolution: Previously, the sysupgrade script failed if the Admin Node Manager was listening on a specific IP address. Now, sysupgrade succeeds even if the Admin Node Manager is listening on a specific IP address.

Note   Ensure the following entry is not included in /etc/hosts file: hostname
RDAPI-8559 00868410 Issue: Request fails when the HTTP body has an unknown Content-Transfer-Encoding mechanism.
Resolution: Previously, API Gateway threw a java.lang.Error exception when writing the body of a request that contained an unhandled Content-Transfer-Encoding value. Now, API Gateway ignores unknown Content-Transfer-Encoding and treats the value as binary.
RDAPI-8572 00884739 Issue: OAuth tokens stored in cleartext when using a database-backed OAuth store.
Resolution: Previously, the OAuth refresh tokens not encrypted with a system passphrase contained sensitive data in serialized blobs. Now, the data has been redacted, so the plain text blobs are safe.
RDAPI-8617 00876429 Issue: Cannot use a selector in the Read from JMS filter.
Resolution: Previously, you could not use a selector in the Read timeout(ms) field in the Read from JMSfilter, the deployment failed if you tried to do this. Now, you can use a selector in the Read timeout(ms) field of the Read from JMS filter, and deployment succeeds.
RDAPI-8630 00883283 Issue: The filter Validate REST Filter does not handle URL encoded path parameters correctly.
Resolution: Previously, the filter Validate REST Filter did not handle URL encoded path parameters correctly and failed if a path parameter contained, for example, URL encoded slash character. Now, the filter can be configured to handle URL encoded path parameters correctly. For more details, see API Gateway Policy Developer Filter Reference.
RDAPI-8745 00888804 Issue: Enabling threat protection on an interface prevents API Gateway from serving static files.
Resolution: Previously, when you enabled threat protection on an interface, API Gateway could not access static content. Now, the threat protection mechanism correctly parses requests to static content and responses are sent back to API Gateway.
RDAPI-8795 00889541 Issue: HTTP responses containing intermediary HTTP 100 Continue responses not displayed correctly in the Traffic Monitor log.
Resolution: Previously, if a received response contained HTTP 100 Continue, you did not see any response headers in the Response column in Traffic Monitor. Now, API Gateway Manager skips all HTTP 100 Continue responses, and you can see the final response headers in Traffic Monitor.
RDAPI-8943 00893117 Issue: Upgrade with Key Property Store (KPS) overrides fails.
Resolution: Previously, if you tried to upgrade from an older configuration that contained KPS tables overriding the default Cassandra datasource, the upgrade process failed. Now, the upgrade completes and the datasource references are updated correctly.
RDAPI-8958 00876470 Issue: Client certificate fails when CA certificates have the same name.
Resolution: Previously, you could not use several CA certificates with the same Subject Distinguished Name (DName) but different Subject Key Identifiers. API Gateway was unable to build the correct certificate chain, and mutual authentication failed.
Now, API Gateway can verify certificates against CA certificates with the same Subject DName but different the Subject Key Identifiers, and mutual authentication succeeds.
RDAPI-8959 00893563 Issue: A Groovy scripting filter fails.
Resolution: Previously in Policy Studio, if you tried to use the com.vordel.mime.XMLBody class in a Groovy script, the scripting filter threw a ClassNotFoundException error. Now the filter behaves as expected, no error is thrown, and the script is persisted.
RDAPI-8997 00892824 Issue: Unnecessary legacy file.
Resolution: Previously, API Gateway shipped with the system/conf/truststore.xml file. Now the file has been removed because API Gateway does not use it anymore.
RDAPI-9125 00891076 Issue: Error in the dialogs of relative path types.
Resolution: Previously, when you added a relative path attribute, the environmentalization action was erroneously shown as enabled in the Static Content Provider, Static File Provider and Servlet Application dialogs. Now, the dialogs have been fixed and the environmentalization action is disabled.
RDAPI-9187 00889639 Issue: REMOTE_ADDR has incorrect value when Apache ModSecurity rules are evaluated.
Resolution: Previously, API Gateway was not always setting correct remote IP address for Apache ModSecurity, and the threat protection rules with REMOTE_ADDR did not work as expected. Now, API Gateway sets the correct remote IP address for ModSecurity, and the threat protection rules work as expected.
RDAPI-9193 00897169 Issue: Payload data that Open Traffic Event Log records can get corrupted.
Resolution: Previously, the Open Traffic Event Log used asynchronous file write operation including buffers that could get corrupted or overwritten. Now, file write operations are performed synchronously so that the buffers do not get corrupted.
RDAPI-9228 00891478 Issue: Encoding issue with the Connect to URL filter and Amazon Web Services (AWS) V4 signing.
Resolution: Previously, when encoding parameters for AWS V4 signing, certain values were being incorrectly encoded. Now, encoding has been updated to ensure it complies with the AWS requirements.
RDAPI-9231 00813372 Issue: The dbpurger script fails with a NullPointerException error when used with the dbname parameter.
Resolution: Previously, the dbpurger script was incorrectly trying to use the parameter dburl instead of the provided parameter dbname. Now, the dbpurger script correctly handles the parameter dbname and searches the configuration for the corresponding URL to use.
RDAPI-9237 00893615 Issue: Failures in the Set Attribute filter not handled correctly.
Resolution: Previously, if the Set Attribute filter referenced an attribute but the attribute's value was null because of a non-existent KPS table, a NullPointerException error was logged in the API Gateway trace and the policy execution was aborted. Now, there is no NullPointerException error and the policy execution proceeds.
RDAPI-9253 00890176 Issue: Environmentalized passwords not saved when project has a passphrase.
Resolution: Previously in Policy Studio and Configuration Studio, if a project had a passphrase, the environmentalized values of the encrypted fields, like passwords, were not saved. Now, the values of these fields are saved and the correct password cipher retained.
RDAPI-9367 00896183 Issue: Not enough information in the trace log on OpenSSL remote host connection failure.
Resolution: Previously, if you were using OpenSSL to connect to a remote host and your DH key was too short, the connection failed, and the API Gateway trace log did not contain enough information to understand why the connection to a remote host was failing. Now, the API Gateway trace log contains more information on this connection error to help troubleshoot this.
RDAPI-9505 00900981 Issue: The XML to JSON filter fails when XML encoding is set to utf-8.
Resolution: Previously, the XML to JSON filter failed if the XML encoding in the XML body was lowercase utf-8 instead of the uppercase UTF-8. This was caused by sjsxp-1.0.jar in the libraries. Now, the sjsxp-1.0.jar has been removed, and the lowercase XML encoding utf-8 no longer causes theXML to JSON filter to fail.
RDAPI-9692 00901696 Issue: Parameters path attribute cannot be use as a stylesheet parameter in the XSLT Transformation filter.
Resolution: Previously, if you used a params.path.XXX attribute as a stylesheet parameter in the XSLT Transformation filter, it caused a java.lang.IllegalArgumentException. Now, the attribute evaluation has been updated to support non-string object types.
RDAPI‑10159 00901619 Issue: Large query strings cause API Gateway to crash.
Resolution: Previously, the OpsDB component in API Gateway caused the API Gateway to crash if an HTTP request contained excessively long query string. Now, all attempts to write any type of data of any size to the OpsDB component that previously led to the crash or unexpected behavior in API Gateway are prevented. This also prevents data corruption and improves error handling when reading JSON data from the OpsDB.
RDAPI-10202 00901498 Issue: No error when retrieving content exceeding the maximum transaction size.
Resolution: Previously, if the Connect To URL filter tried to retrieve content exceeding the maximum transaction size you had defined, API Gateway did not fail the policy or report an error. Instead it truncated data after the maximum received bytes was reached. Now, if the server returns the Content-Length header to API Gateway, API Gateway checks for the returned size. If the size exceeds the configured value, API Gateway reports an error.
RDAPI-10239 00904360 Issue: Unnecessary legacy menu item.
Resolution: Previously, API Gateway Manager had a menu item Push Deployment to Group that pushed the configuration from one server to the rest of servers in the same group. Now, this menu item is no longer available.
RDAPI-10353 00902178 Issue: Long timeout for Cassandra connections.
Resolution: Previously, if the machine hosting a Cassandra instance crashed or had a network failure, the Cassandra-dependent traffic in API Gateway was almost completely blocked for up to 15 minutes. Now, the Datastax driver in API Gateway has been updated to the latest version. API Gateway correctly detects the failure, the outage window of the Cassandra traffic has been reduced to ~40 seconds, and API Gateway only rejects 33% of the Cassandra-dependent traffic.
RDAPI-10408 00901959 Issue: Monitoring in API Gateway Manager not displaying memory or CPU.
Resolution: Previously, when API Gateway Manager sent a GET request to /api/monitoring/metrics/timeline to get the minimum, maximum, or average values for a metric (in this example memoryUsed) and the query string was metricType=<memoryUsedMin or memoryUsedMax or memoryUsedAvg>, an error response with a status code HTTP 503 Service Unavailable was returned. Now, the status code of the response is HTTP 200, and the response body contains the values for the requested metric for valid values.
RDAPI-10417 00905276 Issue: Problem with license file in unattended installation.
Resolution: Previously, if you installed API Gateway in the unattended mode, the license file was not copied to the conf/licenses directory and API Gateway could not start properly. Now, the license file is copied to the right directory, and the product starts normally.
RDAPI-10433 00905427 Issue: NullPointerException when a JMS message has no body.
Resolution: Previously, when API Gateway consumed a JMS message containing only properties and no body from the JMS queue, API Gateway threw a NullPointerException, because traffic monitoring tried to log the JMS message body that did not exist. Now, traffic monitoring in API Gateway has been updated, and API Gateway can consume JMS messages that do not contain a body as per usual.
RDAPI-10436 00907041 Issue: OpenID request shown as Unknown type flow in API Gateway Manager.
Resolution: Previously, when you requested an OpenID token, API Gateway Manager logged the request with type token_id token as Unknown type flow type on the Traffic tab. Now, the OpenID request with type token_id token is logged as OpenIDConnect ID Token and Token Request.
RDAPI-10506 00907700 Issue: Security vulnerabilities with the Java version.
Resolution: Previously, API Gateway used a Java version with security vulnerabilities. Now, API Gateway uses JRE 8u141 that fixes these vulnerabilities.
RDAPI-10663 0896155 Issue: Errors with special characters in KPS tables.
Resolution: Previously in API Gateway Manager, if you entered a string containing a \ character in the Primary Key field in a KPS table, API Gateway Manager displayed an error. Now, API Gateway Manager displays the KPS table correctly even when the Primary Key field contains special characters.
RDAPI-10664 00917255, 00902613 Issue: Installing API Gateway as a Linux system service can cause a library conflict.
Resolution: Previously, if you installed API Gateway as a Linux system service, you had to add installation paths to global system configuration (ldconfig) which could cause library version conflict. Now, the vshell binary is pre-configured with default library paths under /opt/Axway/apigateway, and the changes to global system configuration are no longer required. You can change the default paths using tools like chrpathor patchelf.
RDAPI-10681 00907790 Issue: Schema validation done at different phases depending on the selected schema validation option.
Resolution: Previously, if you used both a default and a custom schema validation option, the schema validation was done in different phases of processing a request. The default schema validation was done before the policy for a given operation. The custom validation was done after the policy for a given operation, which might cause problems in validation. Now, you can also configure the custom validation to take place before further processing the request.
RDAPI-10694 00907281 Issue: The API Gateway RADIUS client is a single-threaded.
Resolution: Previously, the API Gateway RADIUS client could not process user authentication asynchronously. For example, when a RADIUS server required a two-way authentication, the RADIUS client could process the second authentication only after completing the first authentication. Now, API Gateway RADIUS client can process user authentication asynchronously.
RDAPI-10697 00904790 Issue: Validating SAML assertion fails if there is no statement in the assertion.
Resolution: Previously, the Retrieve from SAML Attribute Assertion filter failed if the SAML assertion did not contain a statement. Now, this no longer happens, and the SAML assertion can be validated.
RDAPI-10702 00907036 Issue: Nonce claim not part of the generated OpenID token.
Resolution: Previously, when an OpenID token was generated for the OpenID implicit grant type or the Authorization code grant type (if one was specified in the authentication request), the generated ID Token did not contain a nonce. Now, the ID Token contains a nonce claim.
RDAPI-10714 00907286 Issue: Attributes from RADIUS authentication request not parsed correctly.
Resolution: Previously, when you send an authentication request to RADIUS, some of the returned RADIUS attributes were not setup correctly. Now, all of the returned RADIUS attributes contain the correct values.
RDAPI-10751 00910246

Issue: Unable to add Cassandra entries in a .fed file using a script.
Resolution: Previously, you could not use the updateCassandraSettings.py script to add several Cassandra host:port entries in a .fed file, because the script could not change user names and passwords in the Cassandra instances.

Now, the script has been improved to accommodate this using the following new parameters:

  • Cassandra user name
  • Cassandra password
  • Cassandra keyspace
  • .fed file passphrase
RDAPI-10871 00911830 Issue: Deployment in high availability (HA) environment fails when any of the Admin Node Manager is down.
Resolution: Previously, if you tried to deploy a configuration to a HA environment, the deployment failed if any of the Admin Node Managers was down. Now, the deployment succeeds as long as one of the Admin Node Managers is running.
RDAPI-10873 00912679 Issue: Unimplemented function compareDocumentPosition triggered on some XSLT transformation.
Resolution: Previously, some XSLT transformations that used to work in API Gateway 7.3.1 could not be used in v7.5.3 or later because of a missing function that the new version of XSLT layer uses. Now, the missing function has been implemented in XML layer.
RDAPI-10929 00912469 Issue: Certificates generated in Policy Studio signed using a SHA1 algorithm.
Resolution: Previously, if you generated certificates in Policy Studio, they were signed using the algorithmSHA1withRSA that was considered to be a weak algorithm. Now, the algorithm has been updated, and certificates generated in Policy Studio are signed using the algorithm SHA256withRSA.
RDAPI-10949 00915509, 00911895 Issue: Runtime exceptions not captured by fault handlers.
Resolution: Previously, when a filter threw a runtime exception, the exception skipped all fault handlers and was propagated to the client. Now, all runtime exceptions are caught and logged to trace. If you include a specific fault handler in the policy, API Gateway calls that fault handler, otherwise the generic fault handler is used.
RDAPI-10952 00907784 Issue: The SMIME Decrypt filter fails with error.
Resolution: Previously, if you were using the SMIME Decrypt filter and it did not directly follow the SMIME Encrypt filter, the decrypt filter failed with the error Cannot decrypt message of content type application/pkcs7-mime. Now, the SMIME Decrypt filter no longer has to directly follow the SMIME Encrypt filter.
RDAPI-10960 00916136 Issue: Missing script in the Package and Deployment Tools installer.
Resolution: Previously, the Package and Deployment Tools installer did not contain the apimanager-promote script. Now, the script is included in the installer on Linux.
RDAPI-10961 00913118 Issue: Policy errors showing up in deployment error log.
Resolution: Previously, if you were deploying a configuration from Policy Studio and at the same time something (for example, a misconfigured load balancer) was causing high number of errors in your environment, the policy deployment error log in Policy Studio might contain traces of these other errors that were completely unrelated to the your configuration update. Now, the deployment error log no longer contains traces unrelated to your configuration update.
RDAPI-10968 00913251 Issue: When calling many filters, Traffic Monitor crashes when logging the Circuit Path used by policies.
Resolution: Previously, if the Circuit Path string exceeded 524 KB (OpsDB page size), it could cause Traffic Monitor to crash. Now, API Gateway chunks the Circuit Path string into blocks that do not exceed 524 KB.
RDAPI-11015 00879231 Issue: Missing JSON exception message.
Resolution: Previously, the JSON Error filter sometimes did not include the failure reason in the response message. Now, if you select the option Show detailed explanation of error, the failure reason is always included in the response error message.
RDAPI-11080 00916969 Issue: KPS property name causes error.
Resolution: Previously, the API Gateway Key Property Store User Guide did not mention that using key as the name for a property in a KPS table causes a deployment error. Now, a note on this has been added to the guide.
RDAPI-11108 0892900 Issue: Path defined on virtual hosts not in the Used by list of a global policy.
Resolution: Previously in Policy Studio, if you used a global request or response policy to expose a relative path on a virtual host, the path was not displayed in the Used by list in the global policy edit dialog. Now, the Used by list of policy also includes the relative paths exposed on a virtual host.
RDAPI-11115 00906638 Issue: Unable to import a SOAP service into API Manager.
Resolution: Previously, you could not import a WSDL with invalid schema into API Manager or Policy Studio. Now, you can import a WSDL with invalid schema when you set the Java system property wsdlImport.suppressSchemaValidationErrors to true.
RDAPI-11185 00905063 Issue: The JSON Path filter does not work as documented.
Resolution: Previously, the JSON Path filter could not be used with some legacy filters, like Insert SAML Attribute Assertion, because the JSON Path filter did not extract the attributes in the format the legacy filters expected. Now, you can extract all the attributes from the root JSON message and save them in an attribute.lookup.list element if you do not add any attributes on the JSON Path filter configuration.
RDAPI-11201 00921196 Issue: Setting up Cassandra on a remote node with encryption fails with errors.
Resolution: Previously, when you ran the setup-cassandra script on a remote node that had the flags --enable-server-encryption and --enable-client-encryption, the script failed with errors and did not show the instructions for keystore and truststore management. Now, the script on the remote node succeeds and shows the management instructions.
RDAPI-11231 00921748 Issue: Importing broken reference breaks the environment settings.
Resolution: Previously when importing data to Policy Studio, if you imported a broken reference that removed entities with environmentalized fields, it corrupted the environment settings of a project. Now, you see an error during the import operation if the import requires deleting entities with environmentalized fields.
RDAPI-11287 00904604 Issue: Incorrect character encoding in API Gateway Manager.
Resolution: Previously, if a HTTP transaction containing UTF-8 characters in both the headers and message body was stored in the traffic monitor database, and you later viewed that transaction in API Gateway Manager, the UTF-8 characters in the message body were incorrectly encoded and displayed. Now, both headers and message bodies containing UTF-8 characters are displayed correctly in API Gateway Manager.
RDAPI-11309 00923314 Issue: Domain audit log does not log all events selected in its configuration.
Resolution: Previously, the user events for updating or deleting a user and updating a password were not included in the domain audit log even if you had enabled logging them in the log settings. Now, all selected user events are correctly reported in the domain audit log.
RDAPI-11412 00924785 Issue: The Remove All button in the virtual host paths does not remove all the paths.
Resolution: Previously in Policy Studio, you tried to remove the virtual host paths under Environment Configuration > Listeners using the Remove All button, not all paths were removed. Now, all the paths are removed.
RDAPI-11438 00918713 Issue: Invalid request in the OCSP Client filter.
Resolution: Previously, the OCSP Client filter generated an invalid request if the OCSP Responder URL did not have a slash after the host name. Now, the OCSP Client filter ensures that the OCSP Responder URL has the slash after the host name to ensure the POST request line is valid.
RDAPI-11499 00922129 Issue: Errors in Visual Mapper.
Resolution: Previously, when you tried opening a .fed file that had been saved in a particular state, Visual Mapper would give the error Could not open the editor: Index: 1, Size: 1, and you could not view the map. Now, the map can be viewed.
RDAPI-11518 00926945 Issue: The HTTP method is not correctly checked when using a CORS profile on an API listener.
Resolution: Previously, if you set a CORS profile to an API listener, the HTTP method was not checked against the value you had configured in the API listener. Now, the HTTP method is checked against the value you configure in the API listener both with and without the CORS profile.

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