Configure package properties

The API Gateway configuration package files include property files that contain name-value pairs describing the package contents, and which are known as package properties. This topic describes these properties, and explains how to configure default and custom package properties using the Policy Studio and Configuration Studio tools.

The API Gateway bundles its configuration in the following package formats:

  • Deployment package (.fed)
  • Policy package (.pol)
  • Environment package (.env)

For a description of each package, see API Gateway configuration packages.

Configure package properties

All three API Gateway configuration package formats (.fed, .pol, and .env) contain property name-value pairs, which you can use to describe the package contents. These package property values are stored in package property files (.mf). A deployment package (.fed) has two sets of package properties, one associated with the policy-related configuration, and one associated with the environment-related configuration. Policy packages (.pol) and environment packages (.env) have a single set of properties each.

Default properties

The default set of package properties that can be edited includes the following:

Property Description
Name Name associated with the configuration (for example, Payment API Configuration)
Description Description associated with the configuration (for example, API Gateway configuration settings for the Payment API)
Version Configuration version (for example, v3)
VersionComment Comment relating to the configuration version (for example, Added SSL)

These fields are all free format text fields. You can set them to an empty value, or remove them completely, as required. The set of properties is completely customizable. You can add your own custom properties if required.

Read-only properties

The package also includes the following read-only, system-controlled package properties:

Property Description
Id A unique ID for the package
Timestamp The time that the package was written

Configure properties in Policy Studio

When editing an API Gateway configuration in Policy Studio, you can add, edit, or remove the policy properties and environment properties in the Environment Configuration > Package Properties tree node. For example, the following window is displayed when you select Policies:

Policy Studio package properties

To add a new package property, click the add icon on the right of the window. Similarly, to delete a package property, click the delete icon to the right of the property.

Configure properties in Configuration Studio

You can edit environment properties in Configuration Studio using a similar window. You can only view policy properties because these are read-only.

Package property values are deployed to an API Gateway along with the entire configuration in the relevant configuration package structure.


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