Quote of the day


The Quote of the day filter is a useful test utility for returning a simple SOAP response to a client. The API Gateway wraps the quote in a SOAP response, which can then be returned to the client.

See also Reflect message.


Simply enter the quote in the Quotes text area. This quote can be returned in a SOAP response to the client by setting the Reflect filter to be the successor of this filter in the policy.

The Quote of the day filter can also load a file containing a list of quotes at runtime. In this case, a random quote from the file is returned to the client in the SOAP response. Each quote should be delimited by a % character on a new line. This is analogous to the BSD fortune format. The format of this file is shown in the following example:

You can also enter the quotes in this format into the Quotes text area to achieve the same goal.

The following example shows a SOAP response returned by the API Gateway to a client who requested the Quote of the day service:

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