HTTP redirect


You can use the HTTP Redirect filter to enable API Gateway to send an HTTP redirect message. For example, you can send an HTTP redirect to force a client to enter user credentials on an HTML login page if no HTTP cookie already exists. Alternatively, you can send an HTTP redirect if a web page has moved to a new URL address.

See also HTTP status code.


Complete the following settings:

Enter a descriptive name for this filter to display in a policy.

HTTP response code status:
Enter the HTTP response code status to use in the HTTP redirect message. Defaults to 301, which means that the requested resource has been assigned a new permanent URI, and any future references to this resource should use the returned redirect URL.

Redirect URL:
Enter the URL address to which the message is redirected.

Enter the Content-Type of the HTTP redirect message (for example, text/xml).

Message Body:
Enter the message body text to send in the HTTP redirect message.

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