Management services RBAC


Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is used to protect access to the API Gateway management services. For example, management services are invoked when a user accesses the server using Policy Studio or API Gateway Manager (https://localhost:8090/). For more information on RBAC, see the API Gateway Administrator Guide.

The Management Services RBAC filter can be used to perform the following tasks:

  • Read the user roles from the configured message attribute (for example, authentication.subject.role).
  • Determine which management service URI is currently being invoked.
  • Return true if one of the roles has access to the management service currently being invoked, as defined in the acl.json file.
  • Otherwise, return false.
Caution   This filter is for management services use only. The Management Services HTTP services group should only be modified under strict supervision from Axway Support. For more details, see the Management services in the API Gateway Policy Developer Guide.


Configure the following settings:

Enter an appropriate name for this filter to display in a policy.

Role Attribute:
Select or enter the message attribute that contains the user roles.

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