Step 3 – Create the privileges in PassPort

In PassPort a privilege is a grouping of actions on a specific resource. In this scenario two privileges are created; Modify Lair and View Lair. The modify privilege allows you to change the lair (POST/DELETE) while the view privilege only allows read access (GET).

Follow these steps:

  1. In the PassPort Administration UI, select Access > Privileges.
  2. Click New Privilege.
  3. Axway PassPort privileges
  4. In the New Privilege dialog enter the name Modify Lair and click Next.
  5. Click the search button next to the Resource field. This opens the product and resource selection dialog.
  6. Select Lairs from the Product list.
  7. Select a product and resource
  8. Select the /batcave resource and click OK.
  9. Select the DELETE and POST actions.
  10. Click Finish.

To create the view privilege, repeat the above steps but this time enter the name View Lair and select the GET action.

There are now two user-defined privileges for the Lairs product:

User-defined priveleges for Lair

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