Step 4 – Add HTTP services and paths

Follow these steps to add HTTP services and paths:

  1. In the Policy Studio tree, select Environment Configuration > Listeners > API Gateway and click Add HTTP Services.
  2. In the Name field enter Lairs and click OK.
  3. Select the Ports node and click Add > HTTP Interface to configure a port for the HTTP service.
  4. Select the Paths node and click Add > Relative Path.
  5. In the Resolve path to Policies dialog enter the path /batcave. For the Path Specific Policy select the GothamCityAuthorization policy. For example:
  6. Resolve path to policies
  7. On the HTTP Method tab, select GET.
  8. Click OK.

Create a path mapping for the POST and DELETE methods by repeating the steps to add a relative path, and selecting the appropriate HTTP method each time.

When you are finished, the following path resolvers should be configured:

Path resolvers

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