Step 6 – Export Axway PassPort certificates

To connect to Axway PassPort, API Gateway needs to trust the PassPort certificates. Secure communication with PassPort uses two different ports:

  • HTTPS port
  • HTTPS client authentication port

These ports might be using different certificates, in which case you must import both certificates into API Gateway's certificate store.

Follow these steps:

  1. In the PassPort Administration UI, select Administration > Server Security Settings.
  2. Make a note of the certificates being used for Default_HTTPS and Default_HTTPS_Client_Auth.
  3. Axway PassPort server security settings
  4. Click Security > Certificates.
  5. Select the certificate that you noted down previously, and click the export button. 
  6. In the Export Certificate dialog select .cer as the File Extension.
  7. Click OK. Click Yes on the confirmation dialog.
  8. In the Save As dialog select a location to save the certificate to.

The certificates can be imported into API Gateway when you configure the authentication repository profile for PassPort. For more information, see Step 2 – Configure the authentication repository profile.

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