Updates and revisions

This guide includes the following documentation changes.

Changes in version 7.6.2

  • Moved the Apache Cassandra administration topics to a new guide. For more information, see API Gateway Apache Cassandra Administrator Guide
  • Moved the Apache Cassandra installation topic into the API Gateway Installation section.
  • Updated the prerequisites and installation instructions for Apache Cassandra to state that 2.2.12 is the supported version.
  • Updated the prerequisites with additional steps you must complete before installing or running API Gateway if your Linux system has the /tmp directory mounted with noexec. For more information, see Additional prerequisites.
  • Restructured the API Gateway Analytics information and added links to the new API Gateway Analytics User Guide.

Changes in version 7.6.1

  • The topic on on how perform essential Cassandra operations includes a new section on how to enable Cassandra debug logging.

Changes in version 7.6.0

  • Removed the topics on running API Gateway in Docker containers. For detailed information on running API Gateway and API Manager in containers, see the API Gateway Container Deployment Guide.
  • Removed the installation instructions for Windows for components that are no longer supported on Windows, and added a new section on installing the developer tools still supported on Windows. For details, see Install developer tools on Windows.
  • Removed references to API Gateway Appliance and API Gateway Analytics.

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