Install Policy Studio

Policy Studio is a graphical IDE that enables developers to virtualize APIs and develop policies to enforce security, compliance, and operational requirements. You can install Policy Studio on both Linux and Windows.

Note   Windows is supported only for a limited set of developer tools, see Install developer tools on Windows. API Gateway and API Manager do not support Windows.

For more details on API Gateway components and concepts, see the API Gateway Concepts Guide.


Ensure that all of the prerequisites detailed in Prerequisites are met.

Install Policy Studio

To install Policy Studio in GUI mode, perform an installation following the steps described in Installation options, using the following selections:

  • Select the Custom setup type. This screen is omitted on Windows.
  • Select to install the Policy Studio component.

To install Policy Studio in unattended mode, follow the steps described in Unattended installation.

The following example shows how to install the Policy Studio component in unattended mode on Linux:

./APIGateway_7.6.2_Install_linux-x86-32-BN<n>.run --mode unattended 
--setup_type advanced  
--enable-components policystudio 
--disable-components nodemanager,apigateway,qstart,apitester,

Start Policy Studio

Note   Before starting Policy Studio, ensure both the Admin Node Manager and the API Gateway instance are running. For more details, see Start API Gateway.

If you did not select to launch Policy Studio after installation, perform the following steps:

  1. Open a command prompt.
  2. Change to your Policy Studio installation directory (for example, INSTALL_DIR/policystudio).
  3. Run policystudio.
  4. When Policy Studio starts up, select File > New Project.
  5. In the New Project dialog, enter a name for the project and click Next.
  6. Select From a running API Gateway instance and click Next.
  7. Tip   You can also create configuration projects from .fed files or from existing configurations. For more information, see the API Gateway Policy Developer Guide.
  8. In the Open Connection dialog, select the Admin Node Manager session to connect to, enter the administrator user name and password you specified when you installed API Gateway, and click OK.
  9. In the Download Options dialog, select a group and an API Gateway instance to download its configuration.
  10. If a passphrase has been set, enter it in the Passphrase field, and click Finish. Alternatively, if no passphrase has been set, click Finish. For more details on setting a passphrase, see the API Gateway Administrator Guide.

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