Software and license keys

Axway products are delivered electronically from Axway Support at A welcome email notifies you that your products are ready for download.

When you are ready, perform the following tasks:

  1. Check your authorization.
  2. Check the hardware and system requirements.
  3. Obtain license keys.
  4. Download the installation setup file from Axway Support at
  5. Install products.

Check your authorization

Verify that you can log in to Axway Support at . If you do not have an account, follow the instructions in your welcome email.

Log in to download or access:

  • The product installation package
  • Product documentation
  • Product updates, including patches and service packs
  • Product announcements
  • The support case center, to open a new case or to track opened cases

You can also access other resources, such as articles in the Knowledge Base, the Axway User Forum, and documentation for all Axway products.

License keys

API Gateway requires the following license keys.

Axway license file

You must have a valid Axway license file to install the following API Gateway components:

  • API Gateway Server
  • API Gateway Analytics
  • API Manager

You can obtain an evaluation trial license to enable you to evaluate the API Gateway features. However, you must have a full license to enable all API Gateway features for use in a non-evaluation environment (for example, development, testing, or production). To obtain an evaluation trial license or a full license, contact your Axway Account Manager.

Note   You can install an Admin Node Manager in isolation without an API Gateway license. For more information, see Install the Admin Node Manager.

McAfee license file

You must have a valid McAfee license file to use the McAfee Anti-Virus filter.

FIPS-compliant mode license file

You must have a valid Axway FIPS-compliant mode license file to run API Gateway in FIPS-compliant mode.

Multiple installations

API Gateway requires a minimum of two installations for high availability (HA). Make sure that you obtain license keys for all of the API Gateway instances that you are installing.

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