Additional prerequisites

This section lists additional prerequisites for installing API Gateway.

Executable permission

On Linux, you must ensure that the installation executable has the appropriate permissions in your environment. For example, you can use the chmod command to update the file permissions.

/tmp directory mounted with noexec

If your Linux system has the /tmp directory mounted with noexec, you must complete some additional steps before installing or running API Gateway.


When installing API Gateway, do not install the QuickStart tutorial:

  • When running the installer in GUI mode, you must select the Custom setup type and deselect the QuickStart tutorial component. For more information, see Installation options.
  • When running the installer in unattended mode, you must use the --setup_type advanced option and specify qstart to the --disable-components option. For more information, see Unattended installation.

You must not install the QuickStart tutorial as this option starts Apache Cassandra, the API Gateway server and the Node Manager when installation completes, and in a system with /tmp mounted as noexec you must make some changes before starting these components.


After completing the installation and before starting the services:

  1. Create a new temporary directory that has exec privileges (for example, /opt/Axway-7.6.2/tmp).
  2. If you installed Cassandra during API Gateway installation, edit the file CASSANDRA_INSTALL_DIR/conf/ and add the following line:
  3. JVM_OPTS="$JVM_OPTS<TheNewTmpDir>"
  4. Create or edit the file VDISTDIR/apigateway/conf/jvm.xml, and add the following:
  5. <ConfigurationFragment>
        <VMArg name="<TheNewTmpDir>

Service packs

Service packs for API Gateway are available from Axway Support at If any service packs are available for API Gateway 7.6.2, download and apply them when the installation completes.

For more information on applying a service pack, see Update API Gateway.


API Gateway uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for communications between all processes in a domain (for example, internal management traffic between the Admin Node Manager and API Gateway instances).

Certificates are not required during installation; however, certificates will be required after installation to secure API Gateway domains. For more information on configuring and securing API Gateway domains, see the API Gateway Administrator Guide.

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