Install API Gateway

This section describes how to install API Gateway on Linux using the installer.

Note   Windows is supported only for a limited set of developer tools, see Install developer tools on Windows. API Gateway and API Manager do not support Windows.


  • You have downloaded the installation setup file for your target operating system from Axway Support at
  • The download instructions are in the welcome letter that Axway sent you in an email message.
  • You have obtained a valid Axway license file for API Gateway, and optionally API Manager or API Gateway Analytics. Also, if you intend to run API Gateway in FIPS-compliant mode, you have ensured that your license file allows this. You can obtain the required licenses from your Axway account manager.
  • You have obtained a valid McAfee license file if you intend to use the McAfee Anti-Virus filter.
  • You have reviewed the prerequisites and system requirements in Prerequisites and have ensured that your target system is suitable.

Installation modes

The API Gateway installer has the following installation modes:

  • GUI mode
  • Unattended command-line mode

The following sections describe how to start the installer in GUI mode and the options that you are presented with when performing a GUI mode installation:

The following section describes how to start the installer in unattended mode and the command-line options for the unattended mode:

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