Install the code samples

Code samples demonstrating some of the tasks discussed in this guide are included in your installation of API Gateway in the INSTALL_DIR/apigateway/samples/developer_guide directory (for example, C:\Axway-7.6.2\apigateway\samples\developer_guide).

Alternatively, the associated code samples are available from Axway Support at as a zip file. This section describes how to install the samples.

Installation prerequisites

Before you install the code samples:

  • Install API Gateway. You must install the API Gateway core server and Policy Studio, as the samples require certain classes that ship with these components to be on the CLASSPATH.
  • To write custom message filters for API Gateway, you must install the samples on the same machine as API Gateway.

For more information on installing API Gateway, see the API Gateway Installation Guide.

Unzip the downloaded zip file

If you downloaded the samples from Axway Support at as a zip file, the zip file contains the following directory structure:


Use your preferred zip utility to unzip the file to a suitable location (for example, C:\samples).

Location of code samples

The location DEVELOPER_SAMPLES is used throughout this guide to refer to the location of the code samples:

  • If you have installed API Gateway, DEVELOPER_SAMPLES refers to the INSTALL_DIR/apigateway/samples/developer_guide directory.
  • If you have installed the code samples from a zip file, as described in the preceding sections, DEVELOPER_SAMPLES refers to the location where you installed the samples (for example, the C:\samples\developer-guide-7.6.2\samples\developer_guide directory).

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