Step 2 – Start external data stores

If you are using any external data stores, such as Apache Cassandra for API Manager, or a metrics database for API Manager or API Gateway Analytics, you must start these data stores.

Start Apache Cassandra

Note   Deploying a Cassandra container is only recommended for development environments. In a production environment, you must configure Cassandra for high availability (HA) as detailed in Configure a Cassandra HA cluster in the API Gateway Apache Cassandra Administrator Guide.

For details on starting Apache Cassandra in a Docker container, see

Start the metrics database

If you are using a metrics database, you can use the docker run command to start a database container. For example:

$ cd emt_containers-<version>
$ cp quickstart/mysql-analytics.sql /tmp/sql
$ docker run -d --name metricsdb --network=api-gateway-domain 
-v /tmp/sql:/docker-entrypoint-initdb.d 

This example performs the following:

  • Downloads a MySQL 5.7 Docker image from the public Docker registry.
  • Mounts the host directory /tmp/sql (containing a MySQL metrics database creation script) inside the container.
  • Uses environment variables MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD and MYSQL_DATABASE to specify the database root password and the database name.
  • Starts a MySQL container named metricsdb.

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