Step 6 – Start the Admin Node Manager Docker container

Use the docker run command to start the Admin Node Manager container. This topic explains the required command options for starting a metrics-enabled Admin Node Manager container.

Start a metrics-enabled Admin Node Manager container

The following example shows how to run a metrics-enabled Admin Node Manager container in the background on a specific port:

$ docker run -d -p 8090:8090 --name=anm --network=api-gateway-domain 
-v /tmp/events:/opt/Axway/apigateway/events
-e METRICS_DB_URL=jdbc:mysql://metricsdb:3306/metrics?useSSL=false 
-e METRICS_DB_USERNAME=db_user1 -e METRICS_DB_PASS=my_db_pwd admin-node-manager:1.0

This example performs the following:

  • Starts an Admin Node Manager container named anm from an image named admin-node-manager:1.0. You must specify the name of the image that you created in Step 5 – Create an Admin Node Manager Docker image.
  • Binds the default management port 8090 of the container to port 8090 on the host machine. This enables you to access the API Gateway Manager web console on port 8090 of your host machine.
  • Runs the container in the background using the -d option.
  • Mounts the /tmp/events host directory in the container, which contains API Gateway transaction event logs.
  • Uses environment variables to specify connection details for the metrics database.

Further information

For more details on the docker run command, see the Docker user documentation.

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