API Management versions 7.5.X and 7.6.X have reached end of support in November 2020.
Check out the latest version of the documentation.

API Gateway 7.6.2 Container Deployment Guide

This guide describes how to deploy API Gateway and API Manager in containers.

Get started for new users

If you are a new user of API Gateway, and you want to get up and running quickly, the following topics are recommended:

Get started for existing users

If you are an existing user of API Gateway (version 7.5.3 and earlier), and you are deploying API Gateway in containers for the first time, the following topics are recommended:

Development and deployment

If you are developing and testing APIs and policies in a development environment, or if you are responsible for promoting and deploying them in other environments (for example, pre-production and production), the following topics are recommended:

Maintenance and troubleshooting

If you are responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting an API Gateway container deployment, the following topics are recommended:

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