Configure SiteMinder connection

This section describes how to configure API Gateway to connect to CA SiteMinder using Policy Studio. For more details on working in Policy Studio, see API Gateway Policy Developer Guide.

Before you start, you need the following information for your CA SiteMinder Policy Server:

  • Web Agent name
  • Agent Configuration Object name

To obtain this information, contact your SiteMinder administrator.

  1. In the node tree, click Environment Configuration > External Connections > SiteMinder/SOA Security Manager Connections.
  2. Select Add a SiteMinder connection.
  3. Enter your agent name ( and agent configuration object name (V6HostConfObject) you created in Register API Gateway as the SiteMinder agent.
  4. Click Browse, select the SmHost.conf file for your agent, and click OK.

For more details on the fields and options in this configuration window, see Configure SiteMinder/SOA Security Manager connections in the API Gateway Policy Developer Guide.

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