Configure API Gateway as the SiteMinder agent

This section describes how to configure API Gateway to act as an agent for CA SiteMinder.

Add CA binaries to API Gateway

Integration with CA SiteMinder requires CA SiteMinder SDK version 12.52-sp02 or later. You must add the required third-party binaries to your API Gateway installation.

  1. Ensure that any SiteMinder binaries you may have previously added to API Gateway have been deleted.
  2. Install CA SiteMinder SDK.
  3. Copy the following jar files from the java directory of the CA SDK :
    • cryptoj.jar
    • smagentapi.jar
    • smjavasdk2.jar
  4. Add the files to the following directory on API Gateway:
  5. INSTALL_DIR/apigateway/<platform>/lib
  6. Restart API Gateway.

Register API Gateway as the SiteMinder agent

Before API Gateway can act as a Policy Enforcement Point (PEP) for SiteMinder, you must register API Gateway as an agent for CA SiteMinder Policy Server. With the smreghost tool, you can register the agent from the command line, and create the SmHost.conf file.

The agent needs to be registered on the machine running the API Gateway instance. You must run the smreghost tool separately on each individual API Gateway instance. The SmHost.conf file is generated in the same directory as the smreghost tool.

Before you start, you need the following information on your CA SiteMinder Policy Server:

  • IP address
  • Login credentials (user name and password)
  • Host Configuration Object name

To obtain this information, contact your SiteMinder administrator.

  1. Go to INSTALL_DIR/apigateway/<platform>/lib.
  2. Run the following:
  3. export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=INSTALL_DIR/apigateway/<platform>/lib
  4. Run the smreghost tool as follows:
  5. smreghost -i <CA SiteMinder IP address> -u <user name> -p <password> -hc <Host Configuration Object name> –hn <hostname

    For example:

    smreghost -i -u GatewayAgent -p XXXXXX -hc V6HostConfObject –hn

    The hostname must be the fully qualified machine name of the host machine running API Gateway.

  6. To enable debug output from the Siteminder agent, add the following to jvm.xml if needed:
  7. <ConfigurationFragment>

    <VMArg name="-DSMJAVASDK_LOG_INFO=true"/>


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