Start the API Gateway tools

This topic describes the prerequisites and preliminary steps. It explains how to start the API Gateway Manager administrator tool and the Policy Studio developer tool.

Before you begin

Before you start the API Gateway tools, do the following:

Install the API Gateway and Policy Studio

If you have not already done so, see the API Gateway Installation Guide.

Configure a managed domain

If you have not already created a domain, use the managedomain script to configure a domain. You should ensure that the Admin Node Manager and an API Gateway instance are running.

Launch API Gateway Manager

To access the web-based API Gateway Manager administration tools, perform the following steps:

Note   You must ensure that the Admin Node Manager is running before you can access the web-based API Gateway Manager tools.
  1. Enter the following URL:
  2. HOST refers to the host name or IP address of the machine on which API Gateway is running (for example, https://localhost:8090/).
  3. Enter the administrator user name and password configured at installation time.
  4. Click the appropriate button in the API Gateway Manager page in the browser. The Dashboard view is displayed by default.

The API Gateway Manager includes the following main views:

  • Dashboard: System health, traffic summary, and topology (domain, hosts, API Gateways, and groups).
  • Traffic: Message log and performance statistics on the traffic processed by API Gateway. For example, all HTTP, HTTPS, JMS, File Transfer, and Directory messages processed by API Gateway.
  • Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of all the traffic processed by API Gateway. Includes statistics at the system level and for services invoked and remote hosts connected to.
  • Logs: API Gateway trace log, transaction log, and access log files.
  • Events: API Gateway transaction log points, alerts, and SLA alerts.
  • Settings: Enables you to configure dynamic API Gateway logging, user roles, and credentials.

Start Policy Studio

To start the Policy Studio tool used to create and manage policies, perform the following steps:

  1. In your Policy Studio installation directory, enter the policystudio command.
  2. In Policy Studio, select File > New Project, and follow the steps in the wizard. For more details, see the API Gateway Policy Developer Guide.
  3. Alternatively, if a project has already been created, select File > Open Project, or click a link to the existing project on the Policy Studio landing page. For more details, see the API Gateway Policy Developer Guide.

Policy Studio enables you to perform the full range of API Gateway configuration and management tasks. This includes tasks such as develop and assign policies, import services, optimize API Gateway configuration settings, and manage API Gateway deployments.

For more details on using the Policy Studio to manage API Gateway processes and configurations, see Manage API Gateway deployments.

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