Configure API Gateway

This section describes how to configure API Gateway to work together with Axway Validation Authority. This involves configuring an OCSP Client filter to retrieve certificate revocation status from Axway Validation Authority.

Configure an OCSP client filter

The OSCP Client filter is available in the Certificate category in Policy Studio.

The input to the filter is a message attribute containing the certificate to verify.

The return value of the filter is True if the certificate has a status of GOOD, and False if the certificate has a status of REVOKED, or UNKNOWN, or an exception occurs.

The filter also outputs the following message attributes:

  • ocsp.response.certificate.status
  • ocsp.response.signing.certificate

For more information on the OCSP Client filter, including the input and output message attributes, and how to configure the settings on the filter dialog, see the API Gateway Policy Developer Filter Reference.

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