API Gateway and Axway Sentinel

This guide describes the interoperability between API Gateway and Axway Sentinel. For specific information about the installation and general use of either API Gateway or Axway Sentinel, refer to their respective documentation.

Why use the products together

Axway Sentinel is a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) product that collects, aggregates, correlates, and reports events from API Gateway and other applications and systems throughout your infrastructure. Axway Sentinel is a separate product that you can buy from Axway or an authorized partner.

The following figure shows a typical deployment of API Gateway and Axway Sentinel.

API Gateway and Axway Sentinel deployment architecture

You can configure API Gateway to send events and alerts to Axway Sentinel Server. The following use cases are supported:


The prerequisites for API Gateway and Axway Sentinel interoperability are as follows.

API Gateway

You must install Axway API Gateway version 7.5.3 or later, and have a valid API Gateway license file from Axway.

Axway Sentinel

You must install Axway Sentinel version 4.0 or later and have a valid PassPort license file from Axway.

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