Send alert to Axway Sentinel

You can flag an event sent from API Gateway to Axway Sentinel as an alert by setting an additional attribute IsAlert to the value 1.

To achieve this in API Gateway, follow these steps:

  1. Configure the Sentinel server connection in API Gateway. See Configure Axway Sentinel server.
  2. Configure an Alert filter that calls a policy when an alert is triggered. For example:
  3. Alert filter calling policy
  4. For more information on configuring an Alert filter, see the API Gateway Policy Developer Filter Reference.
  5. Add an Axway Sentinel Event filter to the policy that is called from the Alert filter with an additional attribute IsAlert configured with a value of 1. For example:
  6. Axway Sentinel Event filter with IsAlert event set to 1
  7. For more information on configuring a Sentinel event filter, see Send event to Axway Sentinel.

Result in Axway Sentinel Monitoring

The event is displayed as an alert in Axway Sentinel Monitoring:

Alert displayed in Axway Sentinel Monitoring

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