LifeCycle views

LifeCycle views show the historical steps of one event during a process. They give a view of the different phases of a step. The best example is a transfer: It is first initiated by the client, the connection is made with the server, the server authenticates the client, the transfer begins, and so on. Each of these phases is part of the same transfer. These events are not linked together, they share the same cycle ID, and only the LifeCycle view can show this level of detail about an event. This view is designed to describe a step in a product, and shows what happened within an event. It should only show phases of one step (one activity).

Generate a LifeCycle view in Axway Sentinel Monitoring

To achieve this in API Gateway, perform the following steps:

  1. Configure the Sentinel server connection in API Gateway. See Configure Axway Sentinel server.
  2. Use the Axway Sentinel Event filter to send an event with the same Cycle ID but with different values for an attribute in the event. For more information, see Send event to Axway Sentinel.

Result in Axway Sentinel Monitoring

The example below shows a life cycle event resulting from using three Axway Sentinel Event filters, where each filter increments the value of the ReturnMessage attribute (using values 1,2, and 3 in each filter respectively).

Life cycle events in Axway Sentinel Monitoring

For more information on Sentinel LifeCycle views, see the Sentinel User Guide.

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