API Management versions 7.5.X and 7.6.X have reached end of support in November 2020.
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Convert multipart or compound body type message


The Convert Multipart/compound body type filter is typically used to compress a MIME message before transferring a message using FTP to an FTP server. You could create a simple policy containing a Convert Multipart/compound body type filter as a predecessor of an FTP Upload filter to achieve this functionality.

The Convert Multipart/compound body type filter outputs a content.body message attribute, which represents the last part processed. For example, in a three part multipart message, the value of the content.body attribute is the third and last part in the series.


Configure the following fields for this filter:

Enter a suitable name for this filter to display in a policy.

Multipart content type:
Enter the MIME content type to compress the multipart message to. For example, to compress a multipart message to a ZIP file, enter multipart/x-zip in this field.

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