API Management Versions 7.5.X And 7.6.X Reached End Of Support In November 2020. Please Contact Axway Support To Discuss Which Options Are Available To You.

CA SiteMinder logout

When API Gateway has authenticated successfully to CA SiteMinder on behalf of an end user, SiteMinder can issue a single sign-on token (a session cookie) and return it to API Gateway. API Gateway returns the cookie along with the response to the end user. The client includes the session cookie in subsequent requests to API Gateway. API Gateway can then use the Session Validation filter to ensure that the session cookie is still valid and hence that the user is still authenticated.

You can use the Logout filter to terminate a previously issued session cookie. After the cookie has been terminated, the client is no longer considered authenticated.

Note   You must have already validated the session before calling the Logout filter in your policy. For more details, see CA SiteMinder session validation.

Integration with CA SiteMinder requires adding the required third-party binaries to your API Gateway and Policy Studio installations. For more details, see Prerequisites.

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