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Insert WS-Addressing information


The WS-Addressing specification defines a transport-independent standard for including addressing information in SOAP messages. API Gateway can generate WS-Addressing information based on a configured endpoint in a policy, and then insert this information into SOAP messages.

See also Read WS-Addressing information.


Complete the following fields to configure API Gateway to insert WS-Addressing information into the SOAP message header.

Enter an appropriate name for the filter to display in a policy.

The message is delivered to the specified destination.

Informs the destination server where the message originated from.

Reply To:
Indicates to the destination server where it should send response messages to.

Fault To:
Indicates to the destination server where it should send fault messages to.

A unique identifier to distinguish this message from others at the destination server. It also provides a mechanism for correlating a specific request with its corresponding response message.

The specified action indicates what action the destination server should take on the message. Typically, the value of the WS-Addressing Action element corresponds to the SOAPAction on the request message. For this reason, this field defaults to the soap.request.action message attribute.

Relates To:
If responses are to be received asynchronously, the specified value provides a method to associate an incoming reply to its corresponding request.

The WS-Addressing namespace to use in the WS-Addressing block.

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