Step 2 – Configure the authentication repository profile

To configure the Axway PassPort authentication repository, follow these steps:

  1. In Policy Studio, select Environment Configuration > External Connections > Authentication Repositories.
  2. Select Axway PassPort Repositories.
  3. Click Add a new Repository.
  4. Complete the following fields:
    • Repository Name:
    • Enter Gotham PassPort.
    • Hostname:
    • Enter the host name or IP address of the PassPort server
    • Shared Secret:
    • Enter the shared secret. The PassPort shared secret is set during PassPort installation, and should be available from the PassPort administrator.
    • CSD Name:
    • Enter the name of the CSD file to use. This file must exist in API Gateway's INSTALL_DIR/groups/GROUP-N/conf folder.
    • PassPort Certificates:
    • Select the PassPort certificates that you exported from Axway PassPort in Step 6 – Export Axway PassPort certificates. The HTTPS Client Authentication certificate is optional. It is only required if PassPort is configured to use different certificates for the different ports. Click Select to select a certificate in the certificates list and click OK. Alternatively, if the PassPort certificate has not yet been imported into API Gateway, you can click Create/Import to import a new certificate.
    • Authentication Domain:
    • The Authentication Domain is the PassPort domain that is used by this authentication repository. This is the domain that was created in Step 5 – Map the PassPort roles to LDAP roles.
  1. Click OK.

The following figure shows an example of the completed configuration dialog.

PassPort authentication repostory configuration

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