Migrate existing client applications

If you are migrating from API Gateway version 7.1, use the following script to migrate your existing OAuth client applications:


This script enables you to first export your existing client application data, which you can then import as described in Import sample client applications. This script has a --password parameter that you can use to encrypt the exported data for transport.

To migrate your existing client applications, perform the following steps:

  1. After installing API Gateway 7.5.3, copy the INSTALL_DIR/apigateway/samples/oauth/migrateFrom71.py file to the same location in your existing API Gateway 7.1 installation:
  1. In your existing API Gateway 7.1 installation, ensure that INSTALL_DIR/apigateway/samples/scripts/common.py has the correct defServerName and defGroupName variables set for your existing topology.
  2. Run the migrateFrom71.py script against your running version 7.1 Admin Node Manager and API Gateway. The script outputs the following file:
Note  To encrypt the data, run the script with the --password parameter.
  1. Check the encodedapps.dat file to ensure that the export has been successful.
  2. Import the encodedapps.dat into a running API Gateway 7.5.3 using the Client Application Registry web interface. For more details, see Import sample client applications.
Note  When importing encrypted data, you must enter the password in the Decryption Secret field.

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