Import sample client applications

The API Gateway ships with a number of preregistered sample client applications. For example, the default sample client applications include the following:

Client ID Client secret





Note   The sample client applications are for demonstration purposes only and should be removed before moving the authorization server into production.

If you have already deployed OAuth by running the script with the default settings, these samples are already imported. For more information on using the script, see Deploy OAuth configuration.

If you did not use the script, the samples are not imported, and you must import them manually into the Client Application Registry. Perform the following steps:

  1. Access the Client Application Registry web interface at the following URL:
  2. https://localhost:8089
  3. Enter the Client Application Registry user name and password.
  4. Click the Import button at the top right of the window.
  5. Select the following sample file in the dialog:
  6. INSTALL_DIR/apigateway/samples/scripts/oauth/sampleapps.dat
  7. You can also enter a Decryption Secret in the dialog. However, the sampleapps.dat file is in plain text format, and does not require a password.
  8. Click OK to import the sample applications. The following figure shows these applications imported into the Client Application Registry:
  9. Client Application Registry HTML interface

Alternatively, you can use the following script to import the sample client application data without using the Client Application Registry web interface:


Edit this script to configure your user credentials and file location.

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