Troubleshoot KPS error messages

This appendix describes KPS error messages, and explains how to resolve them.

All platforms

This section explains how to troubleshoot KPS errors on all platforms:

All host polls marked down

This error means that the API Gateway client cannot connect to the Cassandra server.

To resolve this issue, perform the following steps:

  • Check that all ports and addresses are correct in cassandra.yaml to verify that the endpoints are what you expect.
  • Enable Cassandra debug logging.
  • Contact your network administrator

For more details on Cassandra configuration, see Install Apache Cassandra in the API Gateway Installation Guide.

Windows only

This section explains how to troubleshoot KPS errors on Windows only:

UTF-8 characters not displaying correctly in kpsadmin

This is a known limitation of the Windows command console. To view UTF-8 data correctly, run kpsadmin in a Cygwin console instead. For more details on kpsadmin, see Manage KPS using the kpsadmin tool.

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