Test the configuration

To test the policy, you need a client app that can get a Kerberos token, such as a standard browser.

  1. On a machine connected to your Kerberos realm (AXWAY.COM), start the browser you want to test.
  2. Enter the URL of API Gateway (http://gateway.axway.com:8080/gw-service-to-back-end).

API Gateway authenticates the Kerberos user, passes the request to the back-end service, and passes the response from the back-end service back to the browser.

The Traffic Monitor tab on the API Gateway Manager (https://localhost:8090) is an excellent place to view and troubleshoot the message flows. For more details, see Monitor services in API Gateway Manager in the API Gateway Administrator Guide.

For details how to change the configuration to use a secure connection, see Configure browser authentication over SSL/TSL.

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