Configure Kerberos principals

This section describes how to add Kerberos principals using Policy Studio when API Gateway is the Kerberos client. For more information on working in Policy Studio, see the API Gateway Policy Developer Guide.

  1. In the node tree, click Environment Configuration > External Connections > Kerberos Principals.
  2. Add a Kerberos principal for API Gateway acting as the Kerberos client as follows:
    • Name: ClientGateway
    • Principal Name: ClientGateway@AXWAY.COM
    • Principal Type: NT_USER_NAME
  3. Add a Kerberos principal for the back-end service as follows:
    • Name: Enter the name of the back-end service.
    • Principal Name: Enter the Service Principal Name (SPN) for the back-end service (for example, HTTP/
    • Principal Type: NT_USER_NAME.

For more details on the fields and options in this configuration window, see Configure Kerberos principals in the API Gateway Policy Developer Guide.

For next steps, see Configure API Gateway policy.

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