Updates and revisions

This guide includes the following documentation changes.

Changes in 7.5.3

  • Updated the system requirements with the latest details on supported versions.
  • Added new topics on configuring API Management in multiple datacenters:
    • Multi-datacenter deployment architecture
    • Multi-datacenter configuration
    • Multi-datacenter failover scenarios
  • Updated the Apache Cassandra topics with support for Cassandra version 2.2.8 and the native Datastax client (replacing the Hector client used in previous versions).
  • The section on upgrading from Cassandra version 2.2.5 to Cassandra 2.2.8 has moved from the topic on installing Cassandra to the API Gateway Upgrade Guide.
  • Updated the topic on the setup-cassandra script with automatic backup of cassandra.yaml, and for use with remote Cassandra deployments.
  • Restructured the Cassandra topics, adding separate new topics for:
    • Cassandra deployment architecture
    • Manage Cassandra on UNIX/Linux and Windows
  • Restructured the topic on Docker containers, adding separate new topics for:
    • Docker deployment architecture
    • Run pre-built Docker images (for development and test only)
    • Generate Docker images for HA production environments
    • Customize your API Management Docker environment
  • Updated the post-installation topic with details on running API Gateway Analytics as a service on Windows.
  • Updated the topic on API Gateway Analytics configuration with clarification on the characters supported by the username and password provided to the configureserver script.
  • Updated the topic on system requirements with support for the MariaDB database.

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