Run pre-built API Management Docker images

Axway provides the following pre-built Docker images with CentOS Linux 7 as the base O/S:

  • CentOS 7 with API Gateway and API Manager installed and configured
  • CentOS 7 with Apache Cassandra and customizations for API Manager
  • CentOS 7 with API Portal installed and configured

This topic explains how to run the API Gateway and API Manager image and the Cassandra image. For details on the API Portal image, see the API Portal Installation and Upgrade Guide.

Note   These pre-built Docker images are recommended for development and test purposes in an standalone environment only, and are not designed for use in an HA production environment. For production environments, see Generate API Management Docker images.


The following components are required on your system:

  • Docker version 1.13.x
  • Docker Compose version 1.8.0.x
  • API Gateway 7.5.3 Docker images available from Axway Support
  • API Gateway license file
Note   Docker images require an API Gateway license that is not restricted to a specific host name. For more details, contact your Axway account manager.

Run pre-built API Management images in a developement or test environment

Perform the following steps:

  1. Download the following file from Axway Support and extract to the current directory:
  1. Provide a license file in current directory (for example, my-apigateway-license.lic).
  2. Load the Cassandra Docker image:
docker load < ./cassandra_centos-latest.tar.gz
  1. Load the API Gateway Docker image:
docker load < ./gwlatest-1node-node1-centos-latest.tar.gz
  1. Set the APIGW_LICENSE variable:

export APIGW_LICENSE="$(cat ./my-apigateway-license.lic | gzip | base64)"

  1. Run the Docker images:
docker-compose up

Test the API Management system

You can view and test the API Management sample system by accessing the following web consoles in a browser:

  • API Gateway Manager
  • https://<docker-host-name>:8090
  • API Manager
  • https://<docker-host-name>:8075

For more details on using these tools, see the following:

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