Plan the deployment

This topic discusses how to plan your deployment. For more information on planning an API Gateway system, and how API Gateway interacts with existing infrastructure, see the API Gateway Administrator Guide.


For more information on the exact platforms that Axway supports for API Gateway, see System requirements.

API Gateway components

Before installing API Gateway you need to consider which components you require. Some components, for example, API Gateway Analytics, have additional requirements, such as a database. For more information, see Specific component requirements.

For more information on API Gateway components, see the API Gateway Concepts Guide.

Client components

API Gateway includes the Policy Studio developer tool, a thick client that is supported on UNIX/Linux and Windows. It also includes several web-based tools (for example, API Gateway Manager and API Gateway Analytics). For more details on supported thick client platforms and supported web browsers, see Web browsers and Thick client platforms.

High availability

The following components have specific requirements for high availability (HA):

API Gateway HA

For resilient API Gateway and API Manager HA configuration, a minimum of at least two API Gateway instances is required. For details on configuring API Gateway high availability, see the API Gateway Administrator Guide.

Apache Cassandra HA

In addition, the Apache Cassandra database is required to store data for the API Manager component. You can also use Cassandra to store data for API Gateway components such as the Key Property Store, OAuth, and API keys. For Cassandra HA configuration, a minimum of three Cassandra nodes is required. For more details, see Install Apache Cassandra.

Multiple datacenters

For details on how to configure different types of API Gateway and API Manager data in a multi-datacenter environment, see Configure API Management in multiple datacenters.

Connection to other products

API Gateway supports integration with a wide range of Axway products (for example, Axway PassPort) and third-party products (for example, LDAP, JMS, or database providers). The requirements for a deployment of API Gateway with such an integration differs based on the specific product being integrated.

For more details on a particular integration, see the appropriate integration or interoperability guide, available from Axway Support at (login required).

For more details on the versions of Axway products that API Gateway 7.5.3 interoperates with, see the following:

All of these guides are available on Axway Support at

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