Physical appliance

The physical API Gateway Appliance is a prehardened appliance running the API Gateway runtime delivered on a Dell PowerEdge server. The base operating system for the appliance is SuSE Linux Enterprise 11 with security patches included.

The physical appliance ships with Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) Enterprise, which has a dedicated network interface card (NIC). The physical appliance includes a Redundant Array of Independent Drives (RAID) level system. The physical appliance is also available with an onboard Thales nShield Solo hardware security module (HSM).


iDRAC Enterprise is a systems management hardware and software solution that provides remote management capabilities, crashed system recovery, and power control functions. For more information on configuring iDRAC, see Configure iDRAC.


The RAID level system ensures that if a drive fails it can be hot swapped without having to power down the appliance, thus providing a high degree of reliability in the case of single disk failure. For more information, see Manage RAID volumes.

Thales nShield Solo HSM

Certificates and private keys, necessary for many XML security functions, can be generated onboard using the Thales nShield Solo HSM. For more information on configuring the HSM, see Configure Thales nShield Solo HSM.

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