Start and stop services, reboot, and shut down

This topic describes how to use the Bootup and Shutdown page to stop and start the services available on the appliance. This page lists the services that are currently running or stopped on the appliance, and also whether these services start up at boot time.

The following services are available on the appliance:

  • Web Administration Interface
  • API Gateway
  • Node Manager
  • keepalived
  • NTP daemon
  • SNMP daemon
  • SSH daemon
  • postfix

Bootup and Shutdown

Configure a service to start at bootup

To configure a service to start at boot time, select the check box next to the service in the table, and a click the Start On Boot button. If the service is currently stopped, to start it now and also on boot, click the Start Now and On Boot button.

Disable a service at bootup

To stop this service from starting on the next bootup, click the Disable On Boot button. To stop this service now, and on the next bootup, click the Disable Now and On Boot button.

Start and stop services

You can stop and start services at any time by performing the following steps:

  1. On the Bootup and Shutdown page, select the check box next to the service name.
  2. Click the Start button to start the service immediately.
  3. Click the Stop button to stop the service immediately.
  4. Click the Restart button to stop and start the service immediately.
  5. Use the Disable Now and on Boot button to disable a service immediately, and stop it from starting up at boot time.

Manage services

Click a service name in the Action column to view the Action Details for that service. For example, this includes the service name, startup script, whether it starts at bootup, and its current status. You can also edit its startup script and perform various tasks such as start, stop, and show status using the appropriate button.

Reboot and shut down the appliance

You can reboot the appliance safely by clicking the Reboot System button at the bottom of the Bootup and Shutdown page. All currently logged in users are disconnected, and all services are restarted.

Similarly, you can shut down the appliance safely by clicking the Shutdown System button. All services are stopped, all users disconnected, and the system is powered off (if your hardware supports it).

Restore the appliance to its factory settings

To restore the appliance to its original factory state, click the Restore Factory Settings button. This option is only available on the physical appliance.

Note   Restoring the appliance to its factory settings involves two reboots of the appliance. This can take several minutes to complete.
Caution   Clicking the Restore Factory Settings button resets all SSL settings, networking configurations (IP addresses, DNS servers, and so on), user passwords, and so on. Furthermore, all policy information configured with the Policy Studio is lost (including security policies, user stores, and interface settings). You must then configure the appliance again from scratch. This button should be used only if absolutely necessary, and under advice from Axway Support.

You can also restore a physical appliance to its factory settings using the Appliance Console Menu. Select the Factory Image Reset option on the Support Tools subpage. For more information on the Appliance Console Menu, see Appliance console menu reference.

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