Use SSH to log in to the appliance command line

You can remotely access the appliance command line using SSH from Linux/UNIX (or PuTTY from a Windows machine). As a security precaution you cannot log in directly as the root user over SSH. Instead, you must log in as an administrator user, and switch users to carry out commands that require root privileges.

Complete the following steps:

  1. Connect to the appliance over SSH and log in as an administrator user.
  2. Enter the administrator password when prompted.
  3. Enter the command su - to switch to the root user.
  4. Enter the root password when prompted.
  5. If the root password is entered correctly, the prompt changes from $ to #.

For example:

[admin@appliance ~]$ su -
[root@appliance ~]
Note   On the AMI appliance, you must have a private key to log in over SSH. For more details, see Connect to AMI over SSH.

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