Get system information using the WAI

If there is any issue with your system it is very important that you provide as much information as possible about the configuration of the system to Axway Support, so that they can help you effectively.

You can use the Web Administration Interface to generate the necessary system information and save it in a ZIP file, which you can send to Axway Support. Perform the following steps:

  1. In the WAI, select the Bootup and Shutdown link.
  2. Bootup and shutdown
  3. Click the Save System Info button.
  4. This executes a number of debug commands and collects the results in a ZIP file. It can take a few minutes to complete. When it completes a status is displayed that includes the name of the ZIP file created.
  5. Save system information
  6. Make a note of the ZIP file name.
  7. To download the ZIP file, click the Upload and Download link in the WAI menu.
  8. Click the Download from server tab.
  9. Browse to the ZIP file created and click the Download button to save the file locally.

Download system information from server

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