Backup and restore hardware configuration and virtual appliance

There are two types of factory resets (also referred to as a restore), one for hardware and one for Virtual Appliance.

Note   It is recommended that you make a backup / snapshot before performing a restore.

Hardware backup

You can create and manage backups of your hardware configuration using the Appliance Console.

When you backup your system, hardware configuration data is saved to an SD card. Your system will continue to run without interruption while the back up is in progress.

Note   Hardware configuration backup requires an SD card to be present. The backup process will overwrite any existing data on the SD card.
  1. Connect to the console. See Connect to the console for more information.
  2. The Appliance Console Menu is displayed.
  3. On the Appliance Console Menu, type S, Support Tools.
  4. On the Support Tools menu, type H, Hardware Management. (Physical appliance only)
  5. From the Hardware Management menu, select an option and follow the prompts displayed.

What to expect when you restore a hardware configuration backup

When you restore a hardware configuration backup, you will see the following behavior:

  1. Your appliance will reboot and the screen will remain blank for several minutes.
Caution   Do not unplug power cords during the restore process. Doing so might render your appliance unable to reboot.
  1. After the reboot and blank screen, you will see activity that indicates the backup is being applied.
  2. Your appliance will reboot again. This time, the screen displays "No Signal" then "Link Interrupted" then "Reconnecting," each lasting for an extended period of time.
  3. When the reconnect error message displays, click OK.
  4. Click Launch Virtual Console. The login screen for IDRAC is displayed.
  5. Click Launch Virtual Console. You are now logged into the console.

Virtual Appliance snapshot

Important: It is recommended that you take a snapshot of the Virtual Appliance before performing a restore.

  1. Right-click on the on the name of the VM and select Snapshot > Take Snapshot...
  2. Type the name of the snapshot and an optional description.
  3. Verify that "Snapshot the virtual machine's memory" is selected.
  4. Click OK.

Virtual Appliance restore

  1. Go to Go to Snapshot Manager.
  2. Right-click on the name of the VM and select Snapshot > Snapshot Manager...
  3. Select the name of the snapshot to restore to and click Go to.

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