Configure the DELL Remote Access Controller

The DELL Remote Access Controller (DRAC) is a separate system within the physical appliance that provides out-of-band management facilities and allows remote access to the Appliance Console menu. DRAC has its own network configuration and can be rebooted independent of the rest of the appliance. In addition, for the API Gateway Appliance, which requires a separate license for DRAC, you can import a factory license. This is useful should the license become lost, for example, after a motherboard replacement.

Set DRAC network configuration

Use this procedure to configure a NIC for your DRAC and to specify network-related information about your DRAC.

Note   You do not need to reboot for DRAC configuration changes to apply.
  1. Connect to the console. See Connect to the console for more information.
  2. The Appliance Console Menu is displayed.
  3. On the Appliance Console Menu, type D, DRAC Settings. (Physical appliance only)
  4. The DRAC Settings menu is displayed.
  5. On the DRAC Settings menu, type D, Display Network Configuration.
  6. See the network configuration for the DRAC. These settings apply only to the DRAC, not to the appliance.
  7. On the DRAC Settings menu, type S, Set Network Configuration.
  8. The appliance retrieves network information for the DRAC and displays the Set DRAC Network Configuration page.
  9. Select a NIC for the DRAC.
    1. Type E, Dedicated, to use a NIC dedicated to the DRAC. Using the dedicated NIC allows DRAC network traffic to be separated from the appliance network traffic.
    2. Otherwise, type S Shared, to display a list of NICs available to be shared between the appliance and the DRAC, select a NIC from the list. A shared NIC can have two different IP addresses as long as both are in the same subnet.
    3. When you finish configuring the NIC, type D Done.
  10. Type I, IPv4, to display network settings.
  11. Choose a protocol.
  12. If you choose, DHCP, no further configuration is necessary on this page.
  13. If you choose Static, you can specify IP Address, Netmask, and Gateway information.
  14. When you are finished, type S to return to the network settings page.
  15. Type D, Done, to save your changes or C, Cancel, to discard your changes.

Import a factory license

In the event that you should lose your DRAC license, use the following procedure to import a system's factory license.

  1. On the Appliance Console Menu, type D, DRAC Settings.
  2. The DRAC Settings menu is displayed.
  3. On the DRAC Settings menu, type I, Import Factory License.
  4. The appliance prompts you to confirm.
  5. Type y to confirm that you want to import the license.
  6. DRAC sets the license to the factory default.

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