Open traffic event log settings

The Open Traffic Event Log settings enable you to configure the open traffic event logs written by the API Gateway instances. For example, you can enable open traffic event logging, configure where the logs are stored, and whether or not transaction payloads are stored.

For more information on open logging, see Configure open logging.

Configure the open traffic event log

To configure the open traffic event log in the Policy Studio tree, select the Server Settings node, and click Logging > Open Traffic Event Log.

Configure the following fields:

Enable Open Traffic Event Log:

Enables writing to an open event log. This setting is disabled by default.

Event logs directory:

Specifies the directory where open traffic event logs are written. Defaults to ${environment.VDISTDIR}/logs.

Maximum disk space for logs (MB):

Specifies the maximum amount of disk space used for open traffic event logs. When the directory reaches the specified limit, the oldest log files are deleted. Defaults to 1024 MB.

Check disk space interval (secs):

Specifies how often the amount of available disk space used for event logs is checked. Defaults to 600 seconds. Enter 0 to disable disk space checks.

Payload Store:

Choose one of the following options:

  • Do not store payloads – Select this option to prevent received and sent payloads being stored. This is the default.
  • Use filesystem – Select this option to store received and sent payloads on the file system. If you select this option you must enter a directory in the Filesystem directory field. This can be a location on an NFSv4 or SAN file system.

To confirm updates to these settings, click Save at the bottom right of the window. Click Deploy in the toolbar to deploy the updated configuration to the API Gateway.

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